LG Introducing Their Q Voice Software To The English Language, Arriving In The First Half Of Next Year

With options like Siri, S Voice, and Google Now already on the market, making inroads into the voice assistant market can be hard but LG isn’t going to let that stop them. They’ve developed their own Q Voice software to compete with others on the market and they say that it’ll be hitting the English speaking market in the first half of 2013. Q Voice uses the Wernicke engine to use, according to LG, “reasoning with a probabilistic model to find the best answer” which matches the context of the text to a whole database of replies to help it seem more natural and be more accurate.

Q Voice will also be able to control the device’s settings and be used for a whole host of other things on the software front. And just like Siri, Q Voice will come up with some sort of witty and sometimes funny answer to questions that it obviously can’t answer. Time for you guys to chip in with your thoughts and tell us whether or not you think Q Voice will be a success in the already crowded voice assistant market. Leave your answers down below if you would.

Android Central, LG Newsroom

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