LG Nitro ICS Update Available July 31st, Start Your Engines

It seems like it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about the LG Nitro HD. At one point it was LG’s flagship device in states, now they have turned their attentions to other parts of the world, understandably. However, if you were one of the folks who purchased the device from your favorite AT&T store, Best Buy Mobile or other, we’ve got some good news. You have Ice Cream Sandwich on the way.

Nothing may be known of LG’s newest flagship, the 4x HD, , here in the states, but that isn’t stopping LG from updating their high-end phones. On July 31st, presumably OTA. Starting next Tuesday, get ready to be hitting that update button like your life depends on it.

Some new features that will be included in the update are the obvious Face Unlock, upgraded keyboard and multitasking. What will truly interest some people is the biggest of the updates: LG Optimus UI 3.0. LG has been slammed right-and-left for their “childish” UI on even their high-end phones. With phones like the LG Optimus 4X HD, the interface is a drastic overhaul of the previous versions. It’s heading in a much better direction.

Are you guys excited for the update? Do you think LG can make a statement here in the states? Let us know!


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