LG Optimus 2X Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Contrary to popular belief, and LG’s words, the Optimus 2x will not be receiving Android 4.0. LG has been saying the 2x will receive it since 4.0 was initially announced. However, a recent tweet from LG Canada puts to rest those ideas stating that the initial statement was only “general statement issued from HQ.” This shouldn’t come as a huge to surprise to many people, considering LG’s history with updates as well as the device being a year old now.

It certainly has the specs to run it, with a Tegra 2 processor and all. However, it seems as though LG has ended any rumors of this happening. Granted, the issue has had a back-and-forth run since its inception, so this may not be the end of it at all. If you simply can’t bear to be in the unknown, or don’t want to put up with this anymore, the development community has already achieved the feat. This may be your answer if you aren’t willing (or able) to upgrade your device any time soon.

TheVerge, XDA

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