LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich Update All Ready To Roll As Soon As Verizon Names Date According To LG Employee

The LG Spectrum may not have been the hottest handset when it hit Verizon but according to an LG “employee” it hasn’t been forgotten yet. The employee responded to questions over on LG’s support forums and said that they are “very close to release” and now they’re waiting on Verizon to pick a date for the update to rollout. He made the claim six days ago but came back yesterday and told users to keep an eye on the “Company Update” page and once again reiterated that they’re just waiting on Verizon. We know all too well that Verizon likes to holdup updates while they they test them and pick dates for them so his claims don’t sound far-fetched at all. As for you guys, are any of you rocking a Spectrum? I’m guessing that this news excites you if you are.

Droid Life, LG Forums

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