Madfinger Games Rewarding Those Who Bought Dead Trigger

When Madfinger Games changed the price of Dead Trigger from $1 to free, it was upsetting. No, it wasn’t because I lost a dollar. It’s principle. They changed the price two weeks after release, which made buyers feel cheated. Do I regret buying the game? Hell no, it was worth a dollar. But that doesn’t change how unfair it was to just make it free without any compensation (not the dollar back, but at least a new weapon or something!).

However, now compensation is coming. If you check the news after the latest update, it shows what is in the screenshot. Thanks Madfinger, that was the right thing to do. Make sure your paying customers at least feel appreciated. Even if the reward is tiny (and we don’t know what it is, it’s a surprise!). Now all of you, stop being mad at Madfinger.

Android Police

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