Marissa Mayer Now New CEO Of Yahoo

Marissa Mayer has been announced as the CEO of Yahoo. Mayer was previously an executive at Google who ran the Search product. She was the 20th employee hired by Google and the first woman hired. Now she has left to join Yahoo. This is both surprising and a bit scary. She knows a lot about Google Search, and she could really use those methods and maybe even secrets to make Yahoo search very similar and very powerful. Though I’m not sure anything could take Google Search down from their throne.

The ex CEO was found to have had a falsified resume, leading to his firing. Mayer is very well qualified for the job, obviously, so things may get a lot better for Yahoo soon. That is, if they can get their disappearing fanbase back.

Mayer allegedly quit Google by telephone this afternoon and will be starting as Yahoo CEO Tuesday. She also claimed that “it was a reasonably easy decision” to join Yahoo over Google, even though she “had an amazing time at Google.” It’s quite interesting and surprising.

The Verge

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