MiHome 1.2 Launcher Released in All its MIUI Glory

Popular ROM for rooted users, MIUI, has been slowly incorporating some of their features into the non-rooted market. Their infamous launcher is a key example. The launcher features the “All-On-Home” method, similar to that of iOS. There is no app drawer. Everything is right there in front of you. The launcher gives you plenty of space as well for it gives you over 10 homescreens to throw all those apps on, as well as both stock and MIUI widgets.

One of the main features of MiHome Launcher, though, is that it comes with its own custom lock screen which you can make your own. In fact, this may be the first launcher that can nearly replace the entire stock (or skin) feel of your device. If you don’t like the basic MiHome launcher theme, it has thousands of themes for you to choose from, making customization virtually endless.

It’s just a simple download of the .apk file. So head on over and try it out!


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