Missing Your Notification Bar Brightness Adjust On Your Galaxy S III?

I’ve only been able to play around with the new Samsung Galaxy S III for a limited time.  One thing I definitely didn’t notice was that with the US Galaxy S III variants is that the ability to use the notification bar to change the screen brightness is not there.  This has been a favorite feature to many Galaxy S and Galaxy S II users.  It certainly is one of my favorite features Samsung has added into Android with the Galaxy line.  I have sucky eyes, so I like to keep the brightness above what automatic brightness has it set at most of the time.  This feature is important enough to me that if there wasn’t a way around it it would be a deal breaker for me.  Apparently, the international S III got an update that included the feature, but who knows when an update like that will reach the different US variants.

So, today I ran across this thread while cruising the XDA forums.  I want to thank XDA Senior Member blue265 for pointing the app out.  The app is called Display Brightness and can be found for free in the Google Play store here.  As can be seen in the image above (the turquoise thing in the notification bar), Display Brightness provides a bar that can be adjusted similar to using the notification bar to adjust brightness.  You just need to move your finger along the bar to adjust it.  Here’s some cool stuff about the app:  The bar can be placed in different areas on the screen.  So the bar can run vertically along the entire left side or in the notification bar like in the image.  It has lots of different locations to choose from.  Additionally, the color of the bar can be changed or even be made transparent, so it can basically function the exact same way Samsung has done it with their Galaxy line.  So, if you’re hurting without the notification bar adjustment, don’t fret.  Hop on over to the Google Play Store and check our Display Brightness.  I checked it out on my Epic 4G Touch and it seems to work great even though I don’t need it.  The app seems super straight forward to use.  I know if I owned an S III I’d be all over this.  Let us know if you could care less about the feature or if you’re stoked to get it working…

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