Mods And A New Recovery To Breathe New Life Into Your T-Mobile G2x

This post is a feel good post for me.  I once was a G2x user.  I couldn’t have been more excited about getting one of the first dual core Android devices on the market.  It was a fun device I suppose, but was troubled with serious lagging, random restarts, and screen bleed.  I was having to pull the battery several times a day in attempt to give myself normal functionality of my phone.  The G2x nearly convinced me that Android wasn’t going to be an operating systems that would be usable for the masses.  I could give it slack.  It’s a smart phone, and it has a tough job.  However, my wife also had one and was nagging me daily about how she couldn’t stand the device.  So, I’ve moved on.  Since, my experience with Android couldn’t be better, but I know there are individuals that are still using the G2x.  It’s still a rippin dual core device.  It has fantastic potential.  LG just couldn’t unleash that potential themselves.  So if you’re still on the G2x, it’s probably because you’re not bothered by the performance, or you’re having a good time tweaking your device.  It makes me feel good that there’s some rad development still happening with the device, and that individuals are working on unleashing that potential.  Here are some new tweaks that have been outed recently that may breathe some extra life into your G2x:

TWRP 2.1
TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project.  This is a custom recovery unlike one I have every seen before.  The custom recovery is built with ease of use and customization in mind.  Unlike other recoveries where you use the physical buttons to navigate, this recovery is completely controlled by touch through an XML-driven GUI.   The developer, XDA Recognized Developer helicoperter88, states that the recovery is completely theme-able and the look and feel of the recovery can be completely customized.  Recognized Contributor/XDA News Writer mustangtim49 has also prepared a one-click to flash the recovery.  Users in the thread have been reporting this recovery being fun to use and working well. This recovery is also reportedly working with the original dual core Android, the LG Optimus 2x, as well.









LAG FREE g2X + dalvik fix
This mod I’m pretty excited about.  Seriously, a lag free G2x sounds amazing.  Senior XDA Member flak0 has prepared some mods to the devices build.prop that supposedly can make your device pretty snappy.  He has prepared a modified build.prop file that you can just replace with your current build.prop file to install the mod.  You will also need a script manager to run an included file to get the mods running on your device.  This modified build.prop is made for ICS roms.  If you already have a modded build.prop, flak0 has included script that you can manually change and add to your already modded build.prop to get this working.  Depending on what ICS Rom you’re using, you may want to do it the manual way.  Also, some of the build.prop mods may work with Gingerbread but it hasn’t be confirmed.  Just swapping out the Gingerbread build.prop with flak0′s doesn’t seem to be working.  Users seem pretty stoked on the improvements so this is pretty exciting stuff.

Again, I’m glad to see some excellent development still being done on the G2x.  I wish I had these mods when I had the device.  I just want to give you a friendly reminder to please backup your device before applying these mods.  It is a risk to modify your device so please read through the threads before flashing or changing anything.  Just safe modding practice.  Links to the XDA threads are in the recovery and mod titles.  Also, be sure to thank and support the developers still working hard on your trusty G2x.  If you’re using or planning on using these mods, let us know how things are going.  Also let us know if there are any other exciting mods to share with the world.  Please leave some comments below…

XDA Developers TWRP | Lag Free

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