Motorola Atrix HD Will Arrive with a Locked Bootloader

The Motorola Atrix HD is on the way, and I bet you guys can’t wait to get rooting, loading custom ROMs and more right? Wrong. The Atrix HD will arrive for AT&T with a locked bootloader. Similar to Verizon’s Galaxy S III, the new contender in AT&T’s “Atrix” line of phones will face the same hardships when it comes to hacking.

It’s unfortunate to see this happening more often, but carriers have spoken out before against unlocked bootloaders stating that it can “ruin the experience” and lead to customers who try and hack to a poor network experience. This isn’t an end-all if you want the latest and greatest of Android, however, as AT&T has been the carrier to release the most ICS updates in the states to date. Presumably, it will want to keep that image while rolling out Jelly Bean updates.

Motorola has spoken out about the bootloader, stating that they plan to release tools to unlock the device at a later date. No word on when exactly that will be though.

Phandroid via TheVerge

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