Motorola Discontinues MOTOACTV, Drops Price To Clear Inventory

I’ll readily admit that if it wasn’t for writing up this story, I would say I had long forgotten about the MOTOACTV fitness watch Motorola introduced with the DROID RAZR. Along with the discontinued stamp from Motorola comes a price drop of $100, bringing the price to a more “reasonable” $150 for the 8GB model or $200 for the 16GB model.

As a quick reminder, the MOTOACTV was billed by Motorola as the “world’s first GPS fitness tracker with smart mp3 player, all-in-one.” While the MotoACTV may have been a device set to motivate people to get in shape, Motorola didn’t motivate enough people to buy one so we bid adieu to a product that we’re surprised lasted this long.

Anyone want to grab one at the new price anyway?

Phandroid via Motorola

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