Motorola Has “Taken Measures” To Avoid ITC Import Ban Coming Into Effect Tomorrow

It was all the way back in May when the ITC joined Microsoft in ruling that Motorola and their Android devices infringed on one of Microsoft’s patents, an Exchange ActiveSync patent to be specific. Either way, the ITC granted an import ban on all Motorola Android phones and tablets that would take effect in 60 days. Those 60 days are up tomorrow and now Motorola has said to Ars Technica that “Motorola has taken proactive measures to ensure that our industry leading smartphones remain available to consumers in the US.” Motorola didn’t disclose what those plans were but it doesn’t surprise us one bit that they have something in mind. There are several options available such as simply signing a deal with Microsoft. But if they don’t want to go that route then they could just issue a software fix to get rid of the offending issue or perhaps they’ve imported enough stock of their products that they won’t need to continue importing them for now. What do you guys think of this legal dispute? Hey, at least it’s not with Apple, right?

Ars Technica

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