My Verizon Data Widget Restored, Share Everything Supported

The My Verizon Data Usage widget has been restored. This is after weeks of being discontinued due to new Share Everything plans the carrier was pushing people to. The widget will once again display used data, with a catch. The widget does not refresh automatically anymore. Requiring a simple press of a button to do so. This can be quite confusing for those who are unaware of the widget’s need for a manual refresh every time they want to keep themselves in check.

Nobody is quite sure why a refresh is now necessary, could be a simple bug, design flaw or even just a choice by Verizon executives. Of course, comments in the play store are exploding with conspiracy theories, stating Verizon chooses this method to deceive people into using more data than they’re allotted. What do you guys think? Are you glad to have your personal data monitor on your home screen again?

TheVerge via Phandroid

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