New Audio Chip By NXP Promises To Boost Mobile Speaker Volume

Dutch company NXP is usually known for their NFC products, but they unveiled something new and quite innovative today. It’s an audio chip that will improve the sound quality of the micro speakers in mobile devices. It’s a chip that will just amplify the audio, push it up to five times louder through the micro speakers, and improve sound quality at the same time. It also prevents itself from damaging the driver, as shown in the video.

The TFA9887 chip contains NXP’s CoolFlux audio DSP, a class-D amplifier with current sensing, and a DC-to-DC converter to boost output level. And the current sensing technology uses the feedback from the driver to optimize how much power is delivered, keeping the chip from blowing out the speakers and providing great sound for the entire lifetime of your device.

One thing that’s always disappointing in phones that most of us have just grown used to is bad speakers. For example, the Galaxy S II speaker is generally considered a very good mobile speaker. Yes, it excels compared to others. But it’s really no good. It’s not loud enough to fill a room, or play a video outside and have people understand the audio. My uncle had a Nokia N95, and said the speaker was so loud and fantastic, he used it to fill a whole room in sound when he went on vacation to a place with no speakers. He says neither my Galaxy S II or his Infuse 4G can come close to the N95 speaker (might be because these two devices are slim and the N95 was the thickness of 3 S II’s).

This chip could possibly change all that. I’ll remain skeptical until I see a demonstration of this chip in a phone I’ve heard before that retains the original speaker, but I still have that tiny glimmer of hope that this will work as advertised and will revolutionize mobile device speakers. What do you guys think? Will this work? Or does this seem ridiculous? Tell us in the comments!


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