Nexus 7 Supports Magnetic Smart Covers, Can Somebody Say “Patent Lawsuit”?

This is certainly interesting, it turns out that Google’s Nexus 7 tab has a full magnetic cover sensor built right in.  This was discovered by an inquisitive owner of the device who decided to see what would happen if he out a magnet against the device. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t wipe the device but instead revealed that there are magnets all up and down the left side of the device which seems to hint at a cover that quite mimics Apple’s iPad smart cover. Google and ASUS do sell covers for the device but it’s unclear if they utilize this technology. But just like that, a case for the Nexus 7 popped up on Amazon that does use this technology to wake and put the tablet  to sleep. While Apple does have a patent of some sort of magnetic covers, it’s very specific and may not apply to this. Either way, we hope this doesn’t cause another patent war with Apple. If you want to see a little demonstration of the magnet, I’ve included a video for your viewing pleasure below. Would you use a smart cover for your Android tablet?

Android Police, Amazon

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