Nexus Q Gets Hacked To Run Android Launcher And Apps, Yes, That Means Netflix

The Nexus Q is what Google refers to as a social streaming media player but until this latest hack, it’s functionality was quite small and a bit unknown. But it seems that hackers are coming to the rescue again as some of the full potential of this device is now being unlocked. XDA user, Kornyone, has shown that it can be hacked to run an Android launcher like CyanogenMod’s Trebuchet launcher. But that’s not all as the Nexus Q has been shown to run several Android apps such as Angry Birds, Google+, and yes, Netflix, quite well. Best of all, it’s streamed in full 1080p to your television.

Google said that they included a microUSB port on the device to encourage hacking and we now know to what they were referring. The Nexus Q could shape up to be a much more powerful device than first thought.

Gizmodo, XDA

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