Notice Something Missing With Your Verizon Galaxy S III? Yeah, That Would Be Your Unlimited Data

With the Galaxy S III being all the rage as it launches on the U.S. carriers, mistakes were bound to happen. The first ones were a lack of devices to meet demand on several carriers and now there’s a mishap specifically for the Verizon model. If you read the title then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some of those who pre-ordered the Galaxy S III found that once their phone had been activated, their unlimited data had mysteriously disappeared from their plan. Keep in mind that this is with people who pre-ordered before June 28 which was when Verizon began their new Share Everything plans. If you pre-ordered after June 28 and didn’t pay full retail price. Sorry, but your unlimited is gone for good. If your unlimited data was accidentally taken from you though, Verizon is on it. Just call them up at the standard number (*611) and explain to them what has happened and they’ll fix it all up for you. Did you pre-order a Galaxy S III on Verizon? Did you have this problem?

Android Central

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