NVIDIA Working To Support Miracast Wireless Display Standard With Tegra

NVIDIA’s Tegra processors are some of the most popular mobile processors for tablets out there and are becoming popular in phones as well. Now you can take that power to new heights as NVIDIA has announced that they are working with the Wi-Fi Alliance to support the Miracast Wireless Display Standard with their Tegra processors. This means that you can wirelessly stream what’s on your screen to any other supported screen like TV’s, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets. Get ready for some serious Tegra gaming action to come out of this.

NVIDIA is working to help optimize and accelerate the process on current Tegra 3 processors for even better response times. The video below helps to show this off but one of the most important things that is happening is that NVIDIA is making the whole thing open. This means that other manufacturers will be able to implement the same technology which should help to speed the process along as more developments are made. NVIDIA is expecting that the standard will be fully ratified by the Wi-Fi alliance in a few months and will release more information when it happens. This will require some new hardware but could possibly be accessible from older devices and displays by just dongles and docks. What do you guys think of this latest technology?

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