One Click Root Tool for the Google Nexus 7

One of the benefits of Google giving away their awesome new devices at Google I/O is that developers get their hands on these dope new devices before we do.  In a way its lame, but one benefit is that it gives developers time to play around with the devices and prepare some sweet tools for us before we even get our hands on the them.  Last week, only days after the Nexus 7 was announced, I reported on the first announced rooting method for the Nexus 7.  The first one was a little complicated, and within minutes of my post, the reported root method was already outdated with developers posting simpler, more user friendly root methods.  Now, XDA member m.sabra has posted a one click root tool that will root your device, and install super su, superuser, and ClockWorkMod recovery.  I mean, does it get easier than one click?  Here are the directions straight from the post, “Just unzip the content and run the tool! Drivers are included in case you need them.”  m.sabra also throws in some friendly reminders into the original post such as this process will void your warranty, as well as that it will completely wipe the device.  So, if you’re planning on rooting your device, might be nice to do it first thing before you get it all set up the way you want it.  Some hardcore users may prefer a more difficult, step-by-step process because they like to know the changes they’re making to the device.  If you’re like me (softcore maybe?), I want to limit the risk as much as possible when rooting and flashing roms, so one click methods are welcomed.  So, Google I/O attendees may get to play with these devices before I do, but it’s cool to know there will be some sweet tricks and tools all ready for me when I get my Nexus 7 in the mail in a couple of weeks.  So who’s excited?  Who’s going to root their Nexus 7 right away?  I’m on the fence whether I want to root right away or not.  Fill us in on your thoughts…

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