OnLive Bringing Full Console Gaming To Google TV, Time To Get Your Game On

OnLive has been a popular name for hardcore and casual gamers alike and those people who have Google TV’s can now rejoice as the streaming game service is coming to yet another platform. This means that enormous amounts of PC games will be available to play through Google TV with a compatible controller. One of the best parts is that this version includes all of the features from the PC version. If you want to get in on this then you’ll want to hear this next part. It will be shipping with the Vizio Co-Star and coming to the LG G2 Smart TV through a software update. But if you bought a different smart TV and have a Google TV box then you’ll be excited to hear that a standalone OnLive app will be coming to any box or TV so anyone can get their game on. They didn’t say exactly when the app will be coming but we hope that it won’t be too long. So are you excited for this?

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