Phone Radiation Infographic: iPhone 4S Over 3x More Dangerous Than Galaxy S III

Here is an interesting infographic for all of you. It shows how much radiation five different phones give off. Apparently a Blackberry Bold will cook your brain to what is legally considered well done. I’m more of a rare kind of guy, myself. The Galaxy S III gives off very little radiation compared to the others, over three times less than the iPhone 4S.

This infographic was made by Tawkon, a company that already got some recognition when it released an app for iOS that showed how much radiation your phone was emitting. The app was promptly taken off the App Store, since it didn’t make the iPhone look good. Sounds like something Stalin would do in my motherland. Anyway, if you’re interested, the app is available in the Play Store so you can see how much you’re frying your brain. Don’t overcook it, that just ruins the flavor.

Phandroid | Play Store: tawkon

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