Pre-Orders through Gamestop and Office Depot Allowed to be Picked Up

If you ordered a Nexus 7 from Google, you’re about to feel pretty betrayed. Turns out, people who pre-ordered their Jelly Bean Tablet from Gamestop and Office Depot are allowed to come and pick theirs up ASAP. This is shocking due to the fact that many haven’t even received a confirmation email about their pre-orders shipping at all from Google.

Office Depot sent out texts this morning saying customers have the go ahead to come and pick theirs up, while Gamestop has already released one order into the public. One consolation, though, is that neither of the two retailers will sell one to you if you didn’t pre-order. So all is not lost. Perhaps Google is about to ship them out after all.

Did you pre-order through either Gamestop or Office Depot? If you pick yours up, let us know what you think of it!

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