Rdio Gets Updated To Include New UI Enhancements And Improve Playback

There’s always a debate going on about whether Spotify or Rdio is better but Rdio helped to improve their side today with a new update to their Android app. This latest update focused a lot on bug fixes and improvements and dealt with some issues such as problems with playback. It also made some UI tweaks to improve the experience and if you want to see everything, here it is:

- New Releases is now a grid view
- Improved buffering player UI when loading tracks
- Jump to album from track in playlist
- Can now view all extended search results
- Clickable URLs in activity stream
- Playlist editing improvements
- UI Improvements
- Bug fixes

If you’re an Rdio user then you’ll want to grab this to help improve your app. If you’re not an Rdio user, then give it a shot with one of their free trials. If you don’t like it, you can always cancel your subscription. So which do you use, Rdio or Spotify?

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