Republic Wireless Beginning Second Wave Of Testing With The Motorola DEFY XT As Flagship Phone

Do you hate paying for huge cell phone bills from the big carriers? Then Republic Wireless may be a good option for you as they offer a $19 per month plan of unlimited calling, texting, and data through Sprint’s network. They manage those ultra low fees by relying on customers to mainly use Wi-Fi calling instead of the carrier’s coverage. It’s been in beta testing with the LG Optimus for a few months now and is ready to enter stage two of the testing with a new phone to lead the charge, the Motorola DEFY XT.

The DEFY XT is a rugged phone with a 3.7″ display that has a resolution of 854×540, a 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, Gorilla Glass, and is IP67 rated against water and solid particles to help withstand a tumble. It’s priced at $249 for new customers but previous customers with the LG Optimus can get it for only $149. Republic Wireless is an interesting concept and even though they don’t have any high-end phones to rival other carriers, that $19/month price tag is very tempting. Are any of you already on or planning to switch to Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless

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