RIM CEO Carries Galaxy S III As Second Phone

The CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins, has stated that he uses an Android device as his second phone. Is this surprising? Not really. Business people tend to carry around two phones, and when they do, what’s the point of having the same two phones? His main phone is Blackberry, which is good because he is passionate about his company, but I see nothing wrong with him using an S III. His explanation makes even more sense. Here is the interview by Al Sacco:

I know you’ve been with RIM for a number of years, so I’m guessing you’ve been using a BlackBerry for some time. Have you ever used another smartphone from a RIM rival?

Yes, I absolutely do [use a BlackBerry], however, just to stay educated about the market, I always have a second device that is a competitor device so I know where I am, in terms of the competition.

What other device or other devices do you use?

I have the Samsung Galaxy S III right now.

No iPhone? You’re only using an Android device?

I did iPhone already. I really go across the board, so I had an iPhone before because it was important for me to understand touch devices at the entry level. I had the Samsung Mini for a while. I change them on a pretty regular basis.

That’s quite respectable of him. I admire the drive to use competitor devices, and I’m sure that’d help him as the CEO of RIM. Despite my opinion that he’s still stuck in the old regime that no longer works, this gives me a little hope that he knows what he’s doing. Hopefully he doesn’t fall too far in love with that S III.

Android Central

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