Rovio’s Amazing Alex Now Available In Play Store, Makes Rube Goldberg Very Proud

Rovio, the well-known developer of the Angry Birds series of games, released their next, soon to be classic title, Amazing Alex, into the Google Play store.  We knew this was coming soon, but what is surprising is that instead of the usual free and paid versions, Rovio has thrown in an additional HD version as well.

Amazing Alex is a young kid that creates chain reactions to complete tasks such as cleaning his room and battling robots in his backyard.  The gameplay involves you creating contraptions to solve the puzzle presented to you such as maneuvering a tennis ball into a basket using soccer balls and a small piece of wood.  Once you have all the pieces in place, you will press the “Play” button and see if your design completes the puzzle.  From the few minutes I’ve played it so far, it looks to be another addictive title from Rovio.  Take a look at the launch trailer below:

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