Samsung Comes Home with a Bang, Galaxy S III Sales Soar

Samsung went home yesterday to release its new brainchild, the Galaxy S III. When it did, it received the largest welcoming committee it could have asked for. Samsung sold over 50,000 phones on the launch day of its new “Inspired by Nature” smartphone in Korea. This is over doubling what it sold on the launch of the Galaxy S II, quintupling its original Galaxy S sales of 10,000. It’s not surprising how well it’s sold, considering over a quarter of Galaxy S II sales were from Korea alone.

The super-phone packs an even greater punch, combining specs from both eastern and western version. With 2GB of RAM, a quad-core processor and LTE, this phone is the leader of all the S III models. Samsung set goals to sell 10 million models worldwide, this will be a substantial boost in helping it reach its goal.


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