Samsung Finds Reasoning Behind Exploding Galaxy S III, Blames “External Energy”

Just last month an Irish Galaxy S III owner posted the above photo of Samsung’s newest flagship device half-melted and in complete disarray. Samsung acknowledged the incident and told the public that they would be thoroughly investigating the case. Today, the company has ruled that the damage was caused by an “outside source” of “external energy”, not any component within the phone itself. Samsung says the damage was evident of the device being placed inside a household microwave.

After the ruling, the original poster dillo2k10 admitted that he was responsible for the damage and posted an update saying that it was a mistake by somebody else in an attempt to recover the device after it had suffered water damage. A post on Samsung Tomorrow shows the report from Fire Investigations UK finding that the phone was not responsible for generating the intense heat that caused the damage. Now Galaxy S III owners can rest easy knowing that they aren’t in fact carrying around a 4.8-inch Android-powered grenade.

Samsung Tomorrow, (original thread)

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