Samsung Galaxy S III Makes Your Olympic Vacation Easier

Samsung is one of the official sponsors for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, if you haven’t heard. They also want to make sure, if you’re going to the games, you are able to get your R&R in style. If you have an S III, you can now control your entire Holiday Inn Experience. You can control your TV, get room service, control your air conditioner, lights and more all from a S III exclusive application.

The app’s features begin before you even show up, as you can check-in/out of your hotel room directly from the app. No desk needed! Samsung alludes to possible NFC integration as well as it states more features are included at point-of-sale for purchases and more. If you’re going to the Olympics, get your S III ready! That is, if you’re staying in one of 40 rooms in Stratford. Yes, it’s only available for the Holiday Inn in Stratford, folks. For some of you that will be great, for others, you’ll have travel the old fashion way and turn your lights on manually… the humanity. It’s great to see Samsung making even more of a name for itself than it already has with its newest Galaxy iteration. Who knows? This could be the way hotels work in the future.



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