Samsung Kills It In Q2 With 52.1 Million Smartphones Shipped

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, and manufacturers have the numbers to back that up. In Q2, Samsung shipped 52.1 million smartphones. That doesn’t necessarily mean they sold all of them, but it’s still an impressive number for a single quarter. Next up is Apple, who sold 26 million phones in the same quarter. Considering Apple only sells three phone models, and Samsung sells about 100 times that, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Also, we don’t know how many of those 52.1 million phones Samsung actually sold.

For good measure, Nokia shipped 10.2 million phones, while RIM came in last at only 7.4 million shipments. Disappointing numbers for both manufacturers, especially considering that both aren’t in the best of financial situations. We’ll have to see how Samsung stands up in the next quarter to Apple’s new iPhone, but do any of these numbers surprise you?


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