Samsung Now The Top Mobile Manufacturer With Android As The Top Platform

Samsung may be having troubles with its devices getting banned but that hasn’t sopped it from having tremendous sales. Comscore is in with their latest sales reports and they have some nice new facts for Android fans. First of all, Samsung is leading the pack with 25.7% of the entire mobile market which includes both smartphones and non-smartphones. LG is second with 19.1%, Apple comes in third place at 15%, with Motorola in fourth at 12%, and HTC coming up in fifth place with 6.1%.

Android is also leading with 50.9% with Apple’s iOS coming in next at 30.9%. Rounding it off are Blackberry which fell to 11.4% and Windows Phone and Windows Mobile which grew just .1% to a nice even 4%. Overall this sounds like some nice news for Android users and especially for Samsung. We can probably expect to see that grow in the next coming months with the release of all the Galaxy S III variants. We’ll keep an eye on the latest reports so be watching for more coverage.

Android Central, Comscore

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