Samsung On Track To Produce 350 ppi OLED Displays

Mobile display technology is constantly evolving, but Samsung has just managed to accomplish quite a feat. It’s been reported that the company has mastered its FMM (fine metal mask) production technique well enough to begin manufacturing OLED displays with up to 350 pixels per inch.

Before today, OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays were held back by technological limitations, leaving their pixel density somewhat underwhelming. For comparison, the “retina display” on Apple’s iPhone 4S clocks in at 326 ppi. This massive bump in screen quality will be well received by pixel density enthusiasts who crave easier to read text, more room for icons/text to fit on the screen and general viewing improvements.

There’s still no word on when we could see these displays hit devices, but we expect that Samsung has something up its sleeve for the end of this year. We’d say that you might see one of these bad boys on the next Nexus device, but we assume Google’s learned its lesson when it comes to Samsung and its legal drama. We’ll keep an eye on the story for further developments.

ETnews (translated)

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