Samsung Outsells Apple by Almost Double in Q2

Apple, although many of us hate to admit it, was the originator of the modern-day smartphone. Without the original iPhone, who’s to say where we would be in the mobile industry today. Perhaps someone else would have beaten them to the punch, or maybe we’d still be back on old Palm Treo’s happy as can be. Nevertheless, Apple has almost never seen much of a falter in sales, much less losing dramatically to one particular manufacturer.

The time is here, my friends. In Q2, 2012, Samsung has outsold Apple almost 2-1. Apple sold roughly 30.5 million units in 2012, worldwide. Believe it or not, Samsung has sold over 50 million units. Samsung’s success, due to its Galaxy S line, has given Samsung a reputation and bragging rights as the #1 phone manufacturer in the world. Despite the range of prices of Apple’s iPhones ($200-4s, $99-4, 0-3GS), Samsung and their expansive range of phones still sits at the top, at least for now.

Android fans will unite over the triumph over Apple, which isn’t well-loved at the moment. It’s great to see Android making progress and finally being appreciated for what it is.

Android Authority

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