Samsung S Health Launches, Helps Control Weight And Blood Sugar with The Galaxy S III

Samsung’s kicking this week off right with the launch of S Health, an app for the SIII that allows owners to watch their weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels from their phone has it made it one now. This is a huge addition to the SIII and while it’s likely only to appeals to a small subset of users, it’s a huge move by Samsung to invest in such an endeavor. The app syncs with blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters from Lifescan, Omron, and A&D over Bluetooth or USB depending on the device.

Samsung’s S Health app stores readings from these devices so they can be viewed by the owner over time. S Health is launching in the US, South Korea, and five European countries and is available via Samsung’s Apps store or “More Services” link on the Galaxy S III.

The Verge via Newswire

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