Samsung Said To Be Testing Jelly Bean On The Galaxy S III, Arriving As Soon As Next Month?

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S II was one of the hottest handsets to date and the Galaxy S III will be even hotter. Due to that fact, Samsung is reportedly testing Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S II and if SamMobile is to be believed, it’s going quite well already. SamMobile also said that Jelly Bean is nearing completion for the Galaxy S III and could be here as early as August or September. The Galaxy S II is easily capable of running Jelly Bean on its hardware and it doesn’t really surprise us that Samsung is already testing it. As for the Galaxy S III, August/September seems a bit early but still feasible and there’s no doubt that the Galaxy S III can run Jelly Bean so those dates could turn out to be true. Does this news excite you guys? Tell us in the comments!


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