Samsung to Produce Semi-Flexible Displays by Q4 This Year

As we know, and as I’ve joked many times before, Samsung is always talking about the “Next Big Thing.” In addition, they have been hinting at the possibility of flexible displays for quite some time now. These panels, officially named, Youm, are not only flexible, but they are also much thinner (0.6mm) and virtually indestructible. The real kicker in this whole story… They might be about ready for production. Yes, these displays many have waited for so long for might be well on their way.

There is one caveat, though. These displays, on whatever devices they end up on, will still be hindered by a standard glass panel. Yes, this makes the display no longer flexible. Yes, it’s a bummer. Even with this hindrance, there is still some upside. The thinner displays leave room in the phone for much more (longer battery life anyone?). Also the initial flexibility still allows for devices to come in new shapes and sizes. This could even lead to actually usable and wearable technology.

What do you guys think? Are flexible displays the way of the future? What possibilities do you see these leading to? Any new device possibilities? Let us know in the comments.

TheVerge via Phandroid

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