Samsung’s Competitive Strategy Revealed in Their “Beat Apple” Campaign

Samsung has always been seen as the underdog in a lot of these patent lawsuits. They have become Apple’s biggest competitors by a very wide margin and Apple obviously is not too happy about that. In fact, it seems Samsung knew exactly who they had to deal with if they wanted to become competitive at all in today’s market: Apple. Recent court documents reveal that Samsung’s whole competitive strategy was to defeat or compete with the Cupertino-based company.

Initially, it seems that Samsung was just studying apple for necessary market research. However, it quickly evolved into much more as it became Samsung’s target to defeat them. Apple will likely point out the similarities in order to shed some bad light on Samsung and this campaign. With a campaign directed towards a specific target and products that looked quite similar, it’s hard to say this will go well for Samsung. In fact, Google themselves told Samsung their Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks too similar to the iPad.

Also, in another turn of events. AT&T, carrier for the Galaxy Note, opposed the Fan Boy ads. The Note had the most blatant Fan Boy ad in recent times. Despite its awesomeness and its hilarity, it was still an obvious move against Apple. With this new strategy being unveiled, this doesn’t bode well for Samsung.

This is a move by Apple to make Samsung look bad. And it will work to some degree. However, we’ll come to see how Samsung responds to this, eventually. I’m sure it will be just as riveting.

Do you guys think Samsung’s campaign went too far? Just far enough? We want to know what you think.


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