Say Hello To Slice 2.0, Weep Silently Over How Much You Spent Last Month

Slice is easily one of my favorite, if not my favorite Android app available today and it’s such an easy recommendation, I can’t imagine a reason why you wouldn’t download it. Unless you’re a private person fearful of handing out your Gmail info to a third-party, downloading Slice is almost vital if you’re someone who does a lot of purchasing online.

Introducing Slice 2.0, the biggest update the app has seen since launching last year. There are a lot of changes in their 2.0 release including support for Hotmail, AOL and iCloud email address. You can add packed by scanning tracking barcodes, the all new “Thingerprint” feature, a way to track spending visually or filter purchases by merchant, category and date. Perhaps you want to use Facebook connect as a login option? You can do that too. Slice 2.0 also works to fix various bugs, including fixes to the Widget, hiding specific merchants and on off-line mode. In other words, this is a pretty massive update for the folks behind Slice.

Don’t want to give a login? No problem, you can still track packages manually by adding them without adding an email address. You’ll still receive single-map tracking and push notifications altering you to movement with your package. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome this app is and why it should be a permanent part of your Android smartphone app stable.

Slice is backed by Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO and has released new versions for both Android and iOS today. Slice launched in May of 2011 and have since tracked over 25 million purchases. At least a small percentage of that number are my purchases, I’m sure of it.

You can hit the full press release after the image or jump to the link below and get all the relevant details from the Slice team.


What’s Your shopping fingerprint?

slice 2.0 for mobile helps you see where your money’s going and identify your spending style

Online Shopping Service Slice Makes Keeping Track of Your Stuff a Cinch With Launch of New Mobile Features, Tracking Tools, and Integration with Hotmail, AOL and iCloud

PALO ALTO, CA – July 12, 2012 – Today, Slice introduced a new round of fun, helpful features for its iPhone and Android apps that will make online shopping easier and more enjoyable than ever. What you spend your money on says a lot about who you are, so whether you’re a Jetsetter, Bargain Hunter or Gadget Geek, Slice helps you understand your spending style by providing you with a snapshot of your unique online shopping fingerprint.
Sometimes you may actually want to forget the cash you forked over for those shoes at Nordstrom or last year’s Coachella tickets, but a wise man once said “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” and we believe that applies to our online shopping decisions too. Also available on your desktop as a feature called Slice & Dice, the new personalized analytics let you see exactly what you’ve been buying online, understand your spending habits so that you can better manage your budget, and make more informed online shopping decisions – all while having a bit of fun.

“The first version of our mobile app was all about bringing the Slice Web experience to smartphones,” said Scott Brady, CEO and co-founder of Slice. “With Slice 2.0 for mobile, we’re really taking advantage of the native capabilities of smartphones to paint a picture of your shopping habits in a fun, interactive way. Additional made-for-mobile features such as push notifications and barcode scanning turn your smartphone into a handheld shopping assistant.”

Slice makes sense of the shopping clutter by automatically pulling information from the electronic receipts in your email – including shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies and customer service information – and compiling all the relevant data in one place for quick, easy reference. Using Slice, you can automatically track all your in-progress shipments, receive push notifications to let you know when a purchase has shipped or arrived, get instant access to return and customer service information, and receive price drop alerts when a purchase you’ve made is eligible for a refund.

On top of its new personal finance features, Slice is rolling out the following to help simplify your online shopping:

·      Add Any Package: Want to make sure the life-sized portrait of your best friend and her new husband you had commissioned for their wedding or the pair of jeans you’re shipping back for return get there safely? Slice now lets you track your personal shipments, too. Just type in the tracking number or, easier still, use your smartphone to scan the shipping barcode on an outbound package with Slice’s new integrated barcode reader.

·      Hello AOL, iCloud and Hotmail: AOL, iCloud and Hotmail users can now join their Yahoo! and Gmail counterparts in enjoying all that Slice has to offer.

·      Guest Account: Want to give Slice’s package tracking a quick try before creating an account? Simply download the app, enter in the packages being shipped and Slice will keep track of them for you as they travel to your doorstep.

Slice has processed more than 25 million purchases to date. Slice’s service was named “the best package tracker for iPhone” by Lifehacker, the “new BFF” for online shoppers by CNN and a “start-up to watch in 2012” by Inc. Magazine. Slice is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms and as a desktop service. For more information, visit

About Slice

Slice provides the simplest way to keep track of your purchases, saving you time and money. Slice automatically pulls information from electronic receipts in your inbox and makes it easy to track the progress of your orders, analyze your spending, take advantage of price adjustments and see everything you’ve bought, all in one place. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Slice is privately held with funding from DCM, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Michael Birch, FLOODGATE, Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt), and Rick Thompson. For more information, visit

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