Sony Refusing To Fix Hardware Issues On Unlocked Devices

Apparently, Sony has started to refuse repairs to devices that have had their bootloaders unlocked. Even if it is a purely hardware issue. This could be a big problem. It’s understandable, because in most cases, your warranty is completely void once you unlocked the bootloader, but being understandable doesn’t make it completely right. When your LCD panel burns out and they refuse to replace it just because you rooted the phone (and it was a hardware defect that would have happened either way), there should be absolutely no reason for them not to repair it.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is related to this case, and can be examined here. From what I understand, it states that a company has to replace defective parts, despite modifications to the product, if the modifications did not affect the broken part. With cars, Honda can’t say they won’t replace your broken transmission just because you have a body kit and some custom engine parts. Unless warranty states specifically, they should replace your phone by law as long as software has not affected the broken part in question.

But if their warranty is written properly, they have every right to do this. It’s unfortunate, of course. What do you guys think about this? Tell us in the comments!


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