Kernel Source Finally Outed For AT&T HTC One X

After months of waiting, the kernel source for the AT&T HTC One X has been outed.  One X developers and owners are literally rejoicing.  What does this mean for you?  Unless you’re a kernel developer, nothing immediately.  However, instead of repackaging kernels to work with custom roms, now developers can build their own custom kernels.  It’s essentially like taking the blinders off your devs and really giving them the opportunity to fix issues that have been nagging the One X such as multi-touch for custom roms.  Apparently, this kernel is a slightly older revision, but hopefully the drivers are the same which can be really helpful to devs.  Additionally, kernel source being released brings the opportunity for the AT&T One X to be officially supported by CyanogenMod bringing hope for One X users that official CM9 and CM10 will come. So One X kernel devs, hope you didn’t have anything else planned for today.  Get your kernel source here.  AT&T device owners, hang tight and know that lots of flashing fun  is on the way.  Awesome that the kernel source is out, but answer me this: Why would HTC wait so long to release it?  What gives?  Let us know your thoughts…

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