South Korea Getting The Ultimate S III, Sports Quad-Core Exynos And LTE

Samsung had to make some compromises for the US variants of the Galaxy S III – they took out the quad-core Exynos processor, added an extra gigabyte of RAM and an LTE radio. As it turns out, Samsung didn’t need to make those compromises. Samsung has announced that starting July 9th, the Galaxy S III will be available in South Korea. Specs include a quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB and an LTE radio. That’s right, everything in one device.

Carriers SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, and LG U+ will all be carrying the device, but not everything here is of benefit. The South Korean variant will be slightly thicker, at 9mm (over 8.6mm in other variants), along with being a little more hefty at 4.88 oz (over 4.7 oz).

Those interested in importing the device, it isn’t worth it, as there is little chance of North American compatibility. So, should the North American carriers have received this super-powered device?

Samsung Tomorrow via Android Central

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