Special Edition GSIII Available in Taiwan for Summer Olympics

Both tech nerds and sports fans will love this one. The Summer Olympics of 2012 are only days away. One of the hottest smartphones on the market is out. Now, you can get the best of both worlds, if you live in Taiwan. The official Summer Olympics Edition of the Galaxy S III is here for this momentous occasion.

The phone itself is still the same. What has changed, however, is the stuff in the box. Instead of just your standard chargers and books you will never read, you get cases and decorations for your phone to remember the event by. You can get a royal soldier that will stick in your headset jack, for example. It doesn’t serve a purpose, but it is a good way to remember the Olympics by, just the same. Also, special edition wallpapers will be available for the device.

It’s not clear whether or not this will head to other markets or not. However, if you live in Taiwan, consider yourself lucky. You have an awesome phone and a great way to remember this year’s Olympic Games.

Eprice via Android Authority




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