Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III “Security” Update Removes Search Functions

Early Monday we posted a story applauding Samsung for bringing its second update for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III in such a short time following the release of the device.  Samsung has reported this update bring new security enhancements to the device.  However, over on the XDA forums we’ve learned that there are more to the update than just “security enhancements.”  The good news, this new update may have fixed the Google Wallet issues.  The bad news, Samsung has removed the ability to use the Google search to search apps, contacts, bookmarks, etc.  You will only be able to search the web.  We’ve heard this type of update will likely be coming to the Galaxy Nexus due to the patent lawsuit with Apple.  Is this Samsung trying to cover their butts to avoid further lawsuits?  Potentially a really smart move for them, and a lame move for us.  Sucks that they have to remove this pretty useful functionality.  Also stinks that they haven’t brought the notification bar brightness adjust yet.  If you’re rooted, there are probably simple solutions around this.  An already reported fix is just replacing the new GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk with the old.  If you’re not rooted, you haven’t received the update yet, and you like to use the Google search for finding apps, contacts, etc., you might want to think about avoiding the update.  Just a heads up.  What do you think of the update?  Does this make you even more upset at Apple?  Or are you just glad Samsung is taking precautions to avoid future hick-ups and lawsuits?  I just hope Samsung can come up with some innovative solution soon to return the search functionality to their devices.

XDA Thread

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