Sprint Says Smartphone Bans Cause “Collateral Damage”

Sprint is throwing its weight around with a new amicus brief filing in the Federal Court overseeing the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial. Sprint sees itself as the “unwitting victim” of the dispute between the two smartphone rivals and while they don’t comment on the case itself, Sprint wants to see these issues resolved with an immediate ban:

“…bringing a device to market takes hundreds of people approximately 9-12 months,” Sprint argues that preliminary injunctions come down too fast to replace banned products with non-infringing new ones. It furthermore says that “an immediate preliminary injunction against a device substantially and irreparably harms Sprint by leaving a void in its device portfolio”

I get it, Sprint doesn’t want to see having to pull a phone off shelves for an issue it has no part in, on the flip-side — during pending litigation it’s not entirely unheard of to remove a product from shelves pending the outcome of the case, regardless of how we feel about such a move. The Judge overseeing the case issued a preliminary injunction banning sales of the Galaxy Nexus, then stayed the decision pending appeal.

In other words, Sprint’s upset, Apple and Samsung are still going at it and patent reform is nowhere to be found.

FOSS Patents via Wall Street Journal

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