Stick It To The Man, Universal Search Your Galaxy S III

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately about lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, and Samsung taking away their Universal Search feature on their recently released Galaxy S III.  Recently, both Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S III variants have received small updates to the devices that have removed the Universal Search functionality due to patent infringements with Apple.  If you’re not familiar with what I mean by the Universal Search, (before you receive the update) if you hit the search button, either the capacitive button or the Google Search widget, you have the opportunity to not only search the web, but apps, music, contacts, and email.  It’s a pretty handy function.  I myself don’t use it a lot, but I see it’s merit, and I know a lot of people do rely on it.  So, it’s a fact right now, that unless Samsung can get something tricky figured out, they’re going to be taking it off their devices.  With the new update, you’ll only be able to search the web when you hit those search buttons or widgets.  The Universal Search is even purportedly coming off the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ and that’s why Google has been able to put it back up for purchase in the Google Play Store.

So, Sammy can’t do anything about it, but you can.  If you rely of Samsung’s Universal Search feature and it’s now gone, there are two options.  The first is a very simple and elegant solution.  If you’re rooted, download the GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk posted by XDA Senior Member eyecon82 here, and replace the file you have in your /system/app folder with a root explorer.  Done.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  Option two, if you’re not rooted, is to download the same afformentioned GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk and install it like a regular app.  Ta-da…  Your Universal Search is now working.  Sounds even easier than the rooted method right?  It is, but here’s the catch.  If you ever reboot your phone, it needs to be re-installed, which sounds a little irritating.  So, if you’re really want it, you can just keep the apk file on your SD card for those pesky times when you need a reboot, and it shouldn’t be too big of an ordeal.  A perfect solution? No, but a solution if you need/want it.  Hopefully either Samsung gets something worked out, or our wonderful developers can figure out an even better solution.  Until then, here’s something that works.  So, stick it to the man.  Stick it to Apple.  Universal search your heart out.  Let us know how it feels…

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