T-Mobile Confirms Galaxy Note Coming Via Twitter

T-Mobile has officially confirmed that they are getting the Samsung Galaxy Note on their Twitter! It’s been a long time, and after countless rumors, leaks, and documents, it’s finally confirmed. Unfortunately, no date or even estimate was given. Not even a “soon.” We do know it will come eventually though, and that’s a plus. However, how late is it already? The Note is not the newest device on the block, and there are rumors of a Galaxy Note 2 coming out soon. This T-Mobile Note might become inferior mere months after purchase, when it should have been about a year. It’s a bit hard to buy a device that’s so late to the market and then be stuck with it for 2 years when the new version is out a few months later. Trust me, I know how that feels. I bought an (extremely delayed) AT&T Galaxy S II on launch day in October, and the S III is already out in July. The Note’s lifespan might even be shorter. That’s not to say it won’t be a device capable of lasting two years though. But it’s a hard choice to make.

Phandroid | Twitter: T-Mobile

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