The Indie Gala Lets You Buy Games And Help Charity

Here is another indle game bundle, a la Humble Indle Bundle. It’s a pay what you want bundle, and the best part is, you decide how much goes to the developers and how much goes to charity. If you pay over $5.29, you get more games than if you payed less. All those games together would be worth around $35.

In the bundle, you get The Lost Souls, Battle Group and Ichi. If you pay more than $5.29, you also get LS for LW 2, Call of Cthulhu, Xelorlans, Tiny Plumbers, Spin Deluxe, and Cute Things D.V. Plus, if you do pay more, you also unlock a secret bonus in the next week.

I see no harm in ponying up $6 (or more) for indie devs and charity. It’s a good cause, and you get an AMAZING bargain. I’d suggest buying it and supporting the indie devs and charity. Hit the source link to get it!

The Indie Gala

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