The OUYA Android Gaming Console Is Funded… Three Times Over

The OUYA gaming console powered by Android was given a nice overview yesterday in this article by our own Nick DuVarney, and it seemed to have a lot of potential. Unfortunately, potential means nothing when a project can’t get proper funding. But we don’t have to worry about that, since OUYA has met its goal. The team asked for $950,000. It’s been about a day, and the project has a massive $3,138,758 as of 2:29 PM today. And the number just keeps rising.

The overwhelming support will probably mean this console will be wildly successful, and that’s exactly what the Android gaming ecosystem needs. Not only that, it’s what consoles need: an open ecosystem for indie devs to easily make games and get them out there. Hopefully the team delivers soon and doesn’t let the hype down, because this hype almost guarantees the consoles success.

Does anyone remember the Pebble watch on Kickstarter? When the pledges blew past the asked amount, they started integrating new features. The watch became waterproof. Considering this got more than three times the money they asked in less than two days, they can innovate even more and make some wild new features. Also, they posted an update on their Kickstarter page saying this:

“Do you realize what you’ve done? You proved consoles aren’t dead. You shocked the world. And us!

We are blown away by your support. With your help, we just raised $2 million. And it’s only the first day.

Now we want to blow you away. The biggest thing for us right now: we are working on our stretch goals, what we can do if we raise more money. It might take us a few days to figure that out, and we want your help.

Tell us what you would like the stretch goals to be at

And, if you want to vote on what games you want to see on OUYA… tell us here…

Thank you for welcoming us. We won’t let you down.


I can’t wait to see what they do, because the console seems amazing as it is. With more features, it could be real competition to the Xbox 360 in this semi-casual gaming world.

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