UK Judge Requires Apple To Keep Notice That Samsung Didn’t Copy The iPad On Homepage

After their loss earlier this month where the judge called the Galaxy Tab 10.1 “not as cool” as the iPad, it seemed that Apple lost a battle, albeit not giving Samsung a full win. Samsung couldn’t have liked receiving that kind of branding. However, that same judge just tried to make up for his (somewhat childish but humorous) actions. Judge Colin Birss is requiring that Apple post a statement on their websites homepage and in a few British newspapers and magazines that Samsung in fact did not copy the iPad design. This is to help correct the “damaging impression the South Korea-based company was copying Apple’s product.”

Thanks, Judge. This is the first time Samsung has been given a good break. Yes, they’ve won some cases, but they haven’t publicly been shown to not have been copying iPad design. The general person still thinks this. Apple’s notice could help improve Samsung’s (unrightfully damaged) image, and provide some advertising for them. Apple must be fuming.


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