Update Coming To Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III, Includes New Kernel And Reduces Search Functionality

Time for a round of good news, bad news. If you have to get a replacement Verizon Galaxy S III or are buying a new one, then you may notice that your phone is running a new software version than other Verizon S III’s. This newer version is VRLG1 and includes a new kernel but more importantly, it reduces the search functionality of your phone to only allow internet searches. It’s well publicized that Samsung is in a legal tussle with Apple over search functionality on their phones and nearly had the Galaxy Nexus banned because of it. Now they’re taking extra precautions with their Galaxy S III devices to remove searches within the phone itself so as to keep it from getting banned. The good news? The Galaxy S III can’t get banned over this now. The bad news? Well, you lose the option to search inside your phone. Are any of you affected by this yet?

Droid Life

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